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Dedalus Books, November 2012

by Jacek Dehnel


Saturn is not a “supplement to the biography,” but a novel so intense, so psychologically compelling, and so rich in its layering of language, that it can lead a completely independent life on its own.—Tygodnik Powszechny, 2011

…a very significant publication which will be of immense value to anyone with an interest in GoyaTom Cunliffe, A Common Reader

A fictionalized psychological drama inspired by the life of Goya, narrated by the great Spanish Painter, his son Javier, and his grandson Mariano. The story is built around the theory that Goya's horrific series of Black Paintings were in fact the work of his son Javier, and were Javier's way of expressing his feelings about his father.

Tr. Antonia Lloyd-Jones. Dedalus Books, 2012. ISBN 9781907650697