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Comma Press, December 2012

by Pawel Huelle

These are complex stories, blending mythology and ancient history with the tide of political change, moving easily between autobiography and invention, reality and fantasy, but they are also immensely readable. They captivate the imagination because of Huelle's gift for storytelling and his powers of observation and description, which never fail to bring characters and situations vibrantly to life.— Brian McCabe, The Herald (Scotland)

In the story "Franz Carl Weber", he spins worlds like plates, generating force-fields between a man's rendezvous in Zurich with an inheritance, a boy's nocturnal escapes from communist Poland on a fantastical train, and a mysterious beauty with a high-camp backstory. The result is dizzying, beautiful, occasionally verging on the ridiculous, and altogether wonderful. (...) Enchantment is normally confined to childhood and to love at the beginning of adulthood. After that, it is outshone by the cold light of experience. Huelle occupies both worlds. At one moment he curtly breaks the spell with a flick of a narrative switch; at another, he lets dreams come true.—Marek Kohn, The Independent

Tr. Antonia Lloyd-Jones. Comma Press, 2012. ISBN 1905583397