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Melville House, December 2012

by Marek Krajewski

To pursue their investigation the two [inspectors, Eberhard Mock and Herbert Anwalt] descend into the carnal funhouse that is the underbelly of Breslau under Nazi rule — a city of sexual freaks, sniveling addicts, and other broken personalities…Andrew Caffrey, The Boston Globe

Given the context, it is no surprise that this thriller is as noir as they get, steeped in a rank air of cynicism and fear, and brutally punctuated by torture and sadism.— C. J. Schüler, The Independent

The first novel in his series set in pre-war German Breslau (today Wroclaw), featuring Commissioner Eberhard Mock. By training a classical linguist, Krajewski fills his narrative with delightful arcana, giving his otherwise Chandleresque, womanizing, boozing hero an element of Holmesian sophistication. He also portrays a world of decadence and alienation that critics compare to Kafka and the Expressionists.

Tr. Danusia Stok. Melville House, 2012. ISBN 9781612191645