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I Burn Paris
Twisted Spoon Press, April 2012

by Bruno Jasienski

Jasienski's I Burn Paris reveals a still largely forgotten moment: post-avant-garde and pre-Socialist Realist. Aesthetically, the moment was a fantastical one: quasi-Surrealist, hallucinogenic, and grotesque.— Marci Shore, Times Literary Supplement

Hidden from English readers for over eight decades, the novel is perhaps Twisted Spoon’s bravest publication to date… – Richard Jackson, Bookgeeks

One of the most controversial works of Polish literature, Bruno Jasienski’s I Burn Paris tells of a disgruntled worker in poverty-stricken post-WWI Paris, who chooses to take out his misery by poisoning the city’s water supply with the black plague. It is a horrific, dystopic, and simultaneously spell-binding tale of how low society can go.

Tr. Soren Gauger, Marcin Piekoszewski. Twisted Spoon Press, 2012. ISBN 978-80-86264-37-0