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In Red
Archipelago Books, November 2011

by Magdalena Tulli

[W]ith In Red there is much to treasure. Tulli plays with the line between unexpected and quirky very well. – Jessa Crispin, NPR Books

Like all great works of art, Tulli’s books create something new, something that doesn’t correspond to what the reader has been conditioned to expect. – Rain Taxi

One of Poland’s most celebrated contemporary authors, Magdalena Tulli weaves a dark, entrancing fairy tale reminiscent of old Polish folklore with her latest work In Red. The atmospheric tale of a beautiful yet sinister town ever immersed in winter, In Red captivates readers with its tale of “people who should not exist and events that should not happen…”

Translated by Bill Johnston. Archipelago Books, 2011. ISBN 978-I-935744-08-5

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