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Zephyr Press, April 2013

by Tomasz Rozycki

There is fearlessness in Rozycki’s work which is magnetic. He speaks his truth, the truth of a man in permanent exile.—Nicole Zdeb, The Quarterly Conversation

The poems open us to a “soot-soaked” and decaying world. In this space, Rózycki is able to interrogate and question cultural identity through the Polish language in a German place. His images are reminders of the historical and contemporary problems of dislocation and its cause and effects on identity. While young Polish poets continue to be influenced by the American avant-garde, Tomasz Rózycki stands at the crossroads of historicism and new aesthetics. It is important that poets like Rózycki are translated into English to continue the cross-pollination of influence in global literatures, preventing our language and perspectives from stagnating.—Dean C. Robertson, California Journal of Poetics

One of the strongest Polish poets of the generation born just after 1968, Rózycki’s work reflects the consciousness of life on the periphery, in his home town of Opole on the Odra in Silesia. Susan Stewart writes, “Tomasz Rózycki’s Colonies is one of the most remarkable sonnet sequences of our time: the work of a wandering, restless, and moral mind, here rendered with clarity and vividness by the translations of Mira Rosenthal.”

Tr. Mira Rosenthal. Zephyr Press. ISBN 0-9832970-3-7