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Black Square
Zephyr Press,

By Tadeusz Dabrowski
Tr. Antonia Lloyd-Jones.  Zephyr Press, 2011. ISBN 978-0-9815521-6-3

Tadeusz Dabrowski’s a marvel of sorts. At 32, he’s already written six books. In Poland, where he edits a literary bimonthly and regularly contributes to the Kultura Channel on Polish State Television, he’s been hailed as “the hope of Polish poetry” and has won significant literary awards. Black Square, a bilingual edition translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones, is simply brilliant. In her impeccable work as a translator, Jones has captured Dabrowski’s voice, showing us how fantastic and joyful his poems are. They’re also full of love, swagger, and linguistic excitement. - Jim Zukowski, The Rumpus

Tadeusz Dabrowski has made his mark as one of the most promising young Polish poets of his generation, born right around the time of Solidarity.  The poems in this collection combine youthful rebellion, linguistic innovation, and metaphysical concern. Timothy Donnelly writes, “Dabrowski is part life of the party, part heavy-hearted metaphysician, and he plays his two sides off each other like an expert comedy team with a knack for aphorism and philosophical speculation.”

Antonia Lloyd-Jones is the first two-time winner of the Found in Translation award.

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