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Demoscene at MAGFest 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018 - Sunday, January 7, 2018

Gaylord National Convention Center, Oxon Hill, MD

MAGFest is an annual festival promoting the newest trends in video games, video game music, and video game culture. It is held in the Washington, DC area every year.

For the 2018 edition (January 5-7), Polish programmer and physicist Maciej Matyka (a.k.a. maq) will be joined by Grzegorz Juraszek (a.k.a. Fei)--organizer of Riverwash, the biggest demoscene festival in Poland. They will showcase the Polish demoscene and conduct live real-time coding workshop and a demo contest.

Participants will produce 2D images or 3D scenes with sound and music, using ShaderToy programming tools.

On Friday, January 5, they will give an introductory talk on the rapid development of demo-building techniques from the 1980s to today. The next day they will lead a hands-on workshop in demo production, as a first step for participants in the demo competition. The competition winners will be announced on Sunday, January 7 and will receive prizes.

Maciej Matyka is a scientist, programmer, physicist, lecturer, and educator. Maciej has been an active coder on the demoscene for over twenty years. He has been the main coder of more than twenty demos and intros for Amiga and PC. In his professional life he is a scientist working on computer simulations in physics and, obviously, in his demos he tries to find a bridge between those two worlds.

Grzegorz Juraszek is the longstanding organizer of the biggest Polish multiplatform demoparty, Riverwash. Demoscene is the informal movement of digital content creators who produce graphics, music and software (demos/intros) in non-interactive presentations of (mostly 3D) graphics calculated in real time. Demoscene productions are distributed free of charge and without license limitations.

Sign up today at MAGFest.

More about demoscene workshop on MAGFest

You can also practice programming using ShaderToy for beginners available now online.

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